Tee Break was founded to create high quality funny, witty tees. We are a small business based in London and are founded on the belief that giving is its own reward. Our sole mission was to bring smiles to faces.


Our Mission

We want to make the world that little bit happier and cheerful with every item we can get out there. We are all about bringing smiles to faces through wit.

We believe that every human matters. It is our purpose to help everyone feel that way. While this may not be directly through our products, we hope that the donations we make, reach a life that needs it.​

If our t-shirts can bring smiles to a face, our mission is fulfilled.

Our Vision

We wish to raise £10,000 in charitable donations within 5 years of our first official sale. That is approximately 4,000 t-shirts. We cannot do it without you.

Our Promise

Yet, we know how the cost of living affects us all. So we have made sure that our tees are fairly priced and affordable, whilst being uncompromising on quality and social responsibility.

We also endeavour to ensure that our ideas are fresh.

Finally, we promise to donate 24% of our pre-tax profits to charitable causes.​

Our Call to Action

We urge you to wear our tees, knowing that your donation to our mission has helped the work of a charity you are moved by.

Thank you.